The World’s Finest Hardwood.

At Savanna Wood we construct our furniture from what we believe is the finest furniture wood in the world, African Teak, a.k.a. Rhodesian Teak. African Teak grows on the deep and ancient sands of the Kalahari veldt under savagely harsh conditions. To survive these adverse conditions requires a resilience and toughness unknown in other species. African Teak is amongst the most beautiful timbers in the world, with a fine, close grain and deep, rich natural colour.

Lifetime Guarantee

The Shangani Ndlovu Boardroom Table

100 - 150 Year Old Timber

Source: Reclaimed African Teak.

This characteristic of extreme toughness and the fact that African Teak grows prolifically on the Kalahari sand veldt, made it ideal for the early pioneers at the beginning of the last centaury to build railway lines, factories, sawmills, bridges and much else. Occasionally a building with beams and trusses made of African Teak will be demolished, or a hundred year old section of rail line will be lifted and the sleepers replaced with concrete.

Old Mulobezi Sawmill building

Ngwezi Bridge

Source: Harvested African Teak.

Savanna Wood also harvests African Teak from the huge African Teak forests growing on the largest expanse of sand in the world, the Kalahari Sand Veldt, on a strictly sustainable basis. All harvesting is done after extensive audits to calculate sustainable off take volumes under the watchful supervision of the Forestry Commission.

Excellence of Design and Construction.

Each piece is hand crafted from 100% solid timber to the highest standards of construction. Drawers, boxes and the like are assembled with perfectly crafted dovetail joints, a skill lost to all but the best and most patient artisan. Mortice and tennon joints are very carefully cut to ensure a perfect, snug fit that guarantees the integrity of each joint we make.

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